To us professionalism means being an expert and behaving in an ethical way. It means putting the needs of our clients and contractors first. As a company, we are dedicated to the professional development of our clients and our contractors, and maintaining the highest standards of trustworthiness and reliability.


For individuals, experienced to us means that we are aware of and understand their particular circumstances and we are able to adapt our services, as far as possible, to meet their personal needs. For organizations, it means that we are able to provide them with solutions to their problems in the most efficient and effective way. As a team our professional experience spans more than 30 years.


At Greenspax International Consulting we strive to be reliable in all aspects of our work. We know what we promise and are aware of our abilities and limitations. We communicate frequently about a project’s progress to keep all parties updated on the latest developments. Our greatest asset is the reputation of our brand and we protect this to the fullest.

Consulting is our core Business